Create exclusive experiences for your shoppers

Use the innovative marketing power of blockchain and NFTs

What is a
fashion NFT?

Think- as a reference- of an exclusive digital coupon. We call them NFTs.

These digital NFT coupons take the form of small digital artworks.

Some of these pictures are so beautiful that you can speak of digital art.

Innovative technology gives the possibility to connect all kinds of value with this NFT coupon.

Grow Revenues

Increase loyalty

Save Expenses

Engage Customers

NFT Examples

How Does Hospitality

Sell more fashion with NFTs. Safe and seamless

Fashion-NFTs are used to sell fashion items in a very cost-effective and novel way. Brands create NFT artworks of their fashion collection.

  • The Buyer pays for the Fashion-NFT
  • The NFT works as a digital coupon
  • The NFT Owner can redeem the physical fashion item or merchandise in-store or have it shipped
  • 100% safe & secure

Create an exclusive club of brand ambassadors

Fashion-NFTs are used by Brands to create an exclusive club around their fashion brand. Like this, the best part of their brand community feels recognized as lovers of the brand.
The Fashion-NFT works, in this case, as a digital membership card.

  • Create a fashion NFT with artwork that represents exclusivity,
  • This Fashion-NFT gives the buyer membership rights
  • These membership rights could be anything like:
    • Right to an exclusive discount on fashion items and perks
    • Access to fashion events,-shows, sneak previews
    • A glass of champagne in-store
    • First-buying rights of new-collection items, etc.

Crowdfund or pre-finance new collections

Fashion NFTs are used by smaller designers and brands to pre-finance their new collections. The future collection is pre-sold with NFTs that represent the new collection.

  • The NFT Buyer has verifiably paid for the fashion item.
  • The funds are immediately received by the fashion brand.
  • When the fashion item becomes available, the NFT owner can redeem this item in-store, or have it shipped.

Create a deeper connection and participation with your brand.

Voting rights:
Enable your Fashion-NFT owners to vote for new design/style choices, shop interiors, etc. Anything is possible.

Auction limited-edition fashion items to your best community members. They will love it!
  • Auction a limited edition fashion item.
  • Make the Fashion-NFT owners bid on the item.
  • The highest bidder can redeem the item (with other benefits) in-store, or have it shipped.
People love to participate in games. Fashion-NFTs can create a game aspect in your sales to create even more participation.
  • Create a series of Fashion-NFTs representing different fashion-&style items.
  • Make your community collect all the NFTs in the series (=buying the items).
  • A completed series of Fashion-NFTs could then give the right to extra discounts, rewards, etc.


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  • Your customers can buy your NFTs on our platform
  • Let them redeem online or in your venue.

Easy for your customers

  • Easy & secure credit card or crypto payments
  • Easy registration with an email only.
  • A unique QR code or secure link to access exclusive value.

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